11 Secret WordPress SEO Content Writing Samples | SEO Blog Post Example Tips

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Today we will discuss WordPress SEO Content Writing Samples. Many write blog posts but cannot rank them because the content is not SEO-friendly. Below we will discuss the 11 Secret things required for content SEO.

Secret-1:  Keyword Research Tool Content Writing

Wordpress SEO Content Writing Samples

Keyword Research Tool Content Writing most important for SEO. So Firstly, we need to focus on keywords. The life of a blog post is in keywords. The better the keywords, the higher the content will rank. Keywords with high monthly search volume, good CPC, and low competition should be selected. The following points are very important to get good quality keywords.

  • Keyword research should be done by area and see which topics are read more in that area.
  • Allintitle should be taken whichever is lower.
  • We’ll Choose that Keyword Seo Difficulty (SD) is below 20.
  • Long keyword should be targeted.
  • In the first case the keywords which have low search volume should be taken and there will be no problem even if there is no CPC.
  • We need to see which sites (competitor) are ranking in the area of our choice for the keyword we will work with.
  • We should look at these factors of these sites like post URL, post title, age of these sites, articles quality, keywords of those sites, monthly visitors and other keywords that are ranking.
  • Country specific keywords should be used. For example USA uses “Vacation” but UK uses “Holiday”. Keywords should be chosen according to the words used in the country.
  • You can use the following tools for keyword research.
  • Google keyword planner
  • Mozbar extension
  • Ubersuggest Extension

Secret-2:  Blog Post Examples Url Part

Wordpress SEO Content Writing Samples

When we discuss the Blog Post Examples URL Part, we see that a post’s URL is essential. Once a post is indexed in Google, the URL of that post cannot be changed. So you need to check the necessary things before making a post public.

  • A/an/the / year and number cannot be used in URL.
  • URL can be same or different from main keyword.


Secret-3:  Blog Post Title Generator Ideas

Wordpress SEO Content Writing Samples

blog post title generator ideas is very important for SEO of a post. When writing the post title, it must be connected to the main keyword. Also look into including long-tail keywords and creating catchy titles. So that the user is interested in clicking after viewing it. The general features that a post title should have are discussed below.

  • Main keyword should be added year/number/power words. For example: My main keyword “SEO Content Writing Samples” Post Title : 11 Secret WordPress SEO Content Writing Samples
  • Two keywords can be used in the same post. For example: Latest Globalization partners reviews (2024) | Globalization partners international dream.
  • Choose beautiful title using Blog title generator.
  • If the website is in local language, post title in local language should be written again in English language.


Secret-4:  WordPress Seo Content Writing Samples

Wordpress SEO Content Writing Samples

The first thing to remember when WordPress SEO content writing sampling is that it is SEO friendly. So the applicable things for Google SEO must be filled correctly. Also the content will be informative which is useful for a user. The factors that must be present to make a content SEO friendly and useful are discussed in detail below.

  • Content must be unique.
  • Must be helpful article for users.
  • The content should be arranged in such a way that it is easy for the user.
  • Points should be kept before writing the content.
  • Content information should be collected from good quality websites. For example: Wikipedia
  • The first part of the content will be the discussion about the post.
  • The main keyword should be bold in the first paragraph and the last paragraph of the content. Besides, main keyword should be used after 200 words of content.
  • Content should generally be 1800 to 2500 words. But if the content is of good quality, it will be less than this.
  • Each paragraph will be of maximum 20 words and 25% of the total content will be paragraphs of 20 words.
  • Content should include image (image size 576×324 px) and video.
  • Content should provide some information in the form of tables and lists.
  • Internal and External Link should be used between Content.
  • Internal link will be the link of previously published similar post. External Link will be any good quality web site link. such as Wikipedia.
  • Pagarism must be checked to avoid copyrighted content. After that 100% unique content should be added.
  • Before/after main keyword add any other word to make sub-keyword and use it in h2 and h3.
  • The content of each sub-keyword will have a maximum of 300 words.
  • The main keyword should be in bold in the middle of the conclusion. Conclusion The main points of the post should be discussed. Finally, thank the user and encourage them to share the post on social media.
  • After publishing the post, its link should be posted in Instant Indexing. The link of this new post should be attached to the previously published post which gets more visitors.
  • The new post must be displayed as a recent post on the home page.
  • Content must have a FAQ section at the end and answer at least three questions related to the Post.


Secret-5:  Seo Focus Keyword Generator Ideas

Wordpress SEO Content Writing Samples

You must stay simple when it comes to SEO focused keyword generator ideas. A focus keyword or keyphrase is a search term that helps you rank for a post. Focus keywords are very helpful for SEO. So it should be given importance. Focus keywords must contain main keywords. If you want to get organic traffic and if you want to rank in Google searches for your focus keywords, you must give it importance. The things to be included in it are given below.

  • Choose long-tail keywords.
  • Minimum 4 (four) words should be used in focus keyword
  • Focus keyword and Slug keyword will be same
  • Post url/permalink, Post title, post description, Focus keyphrase, Slug, Meta Description should have main keyword between them.
  • Can use Semrush integration for focus keyword.


Secret-6:  Why Meta Description Important

Wordpress SEO Content Writing Samples

A meta description tag typically provides users with a short, appropriate summary about a particular post. Through this it is known what the post is about. When user searches for their information on Google, the information provided by this meta description appears in the Google Snippet section. This snippet looks at the details so that when user clicks on your keyword you need to provide such information. The following points will help you create a good meta description.

  • Meta description should be 120-156 words.
  • The main keyword should be bold in the meta description.
  • Questions/Answers should be attached in the Meta description section.

Secret-7:  5 image optimization SEO tips and why important

Wordpress SEO Content Writing Samples

An image carries a lot of importance for a post. An attractive and informative image helps with SEO. Images should be created based on the post. So those users will see and click on your image. Besides, a good image helps the SEO of any post. Below we have given important information to create SEO-friendly images.

  • The image name, Image alt text, Image title, Image caption, and Image description will be the same.
  • There will be no space while writing the name of the Image. For Example SEO-Content-Writing-Samples
  • Image compress should be done.
  • Delete Image properties information and must be filled new information with some edits.
  • You can use this website Pexels.com to collect good quality photos for free.


Secret-8:  Best Image Size For Seo to make your content attractive

Wordpress SEO Content Writing Samples

Today’s  website images are very important for websites to reach a large audience. A Search Engine Optimization (SEO) image plays an important role in ensuring your website ranks higher on search engine result pages and helps a lot in driving organic traffic to your site. Below is a list of how to size images used on your website.


Image size, Dimensions and Ratio

Website Image TypeImage Dimensions (W X H)Image Aspect Ratio
Background Image1920 X 1080 Pixels16:9
Hero Image1280 X 720 Pixels16:9
Content Middle Image576×324 Pixels16:9
Lightbox Image (Full Screen)1600 X 500 Pixels16:9
Future / Blog Image1200 X 675 Pixels3:2
Logo (Rectangle)250 X 100 Pixels2:3
Logo (Square)100 X 100 Pixels1:1
Favicon16 X 16 Pixels1:1
Social Media Icons32 X 32 Pixels1:1
Website Banner250 X 250 Pixels1:1
Thumbnail Image150 X 150 Pixels1:1
Web Store Image828 x 1440 Pixels
 Web Store Poster Image640 X 853 Pixels


Secret-9:  Blog SEO: Essential Elements Of A Successful Blog Post

Wordpress SEO Content Writing Samples

A lot of information is provided for website development and post. These will help a lot in improving your business.

  • All the requirements that Google wants for SEO must be fulfilled. In addition, the following points should be observed. Mobile optimization, Speed optimization, Good content, Good internal and External link, Site Authority , Trust for Google, User behavior, Good CTR.
  • Must use SCO friendly Theme.
  • For Example: Astra, Divi, OceanWP, GeneratePress, Neve, SEO Crawler WordPress theme, Genesis, Schema, Sydney
  • Observe and react what is going on at present.
  • To be posted on question/answer websites. For Example: Answers.Com, StackExchange.Com, Quora.Com
  • Increase the site’s CTR to get higher in Google rankings.
  • Work on new changes coming to Google. For example, Google stories must be used.
  • Must work on drop shipping.
  • Off page seo, On page seo, Back links should be done.
  • Multiple posts cannot be made on the same keyword.
  • Check the page speed of the website and increase the page speed. For Example: page speed insights, GT matrix, Small seo tools.
  • Images and content may not be copied.
  • According to Niche, the interview video should be published on the block.
  • All social media accounts must be registered according to the domain name. For example: Facebook Account, Facebook Page, Facebook Group, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, Medium, Reddit. But post the content of your site on all these social media but share less links.
  • Website should have comment section
  • Must use SSL and CDN
  • Any SEO Plugin should be used. Don’t use more than one SEO plugin.
  • For Example: Rank Math SEO,  Yoast  seo
  • Old articles need to be updated.
  • Post title and thumbnail should be good.
  • After posting the content, the url should be posted on Ping websites.
  • For Example: pingomatic.com, ping.in, indexkings.com, pingler.com
  • Consider collecting the following websites that will help your content in many ways.
  • com, Trends.google.com, Bing.com (us), schema.org
  • If the website is based in the US country then the time zone must be set to US time.
  • Email letter add
  • Email marketing


Secret-10:  Important Plugins For WordPress

Wordpress SEO Content Writing Samples

Some essential plugins are provided which are applicable for WordPress web development.

Plugin NameDownload Link
Contact Form 7Download
WP Sitemap PageDownload
Instant IndexingDownload
LiteSpeed CacheDownload
Rank Math SEODownload
Yoast seoDownload
Swap Google Fonts DisplayDownload
Table of Contents PlusDownload
Site Kit by GoogleDownload


Secret-11:  Important WordPress theme

Wordpress SEO Content Writing Samples

WordPress theme is very important to bring a website to Google ranking. So SEO friendly theme should be used. Below are some SEO-friendly themes that you can use.

Theme NameDownload Link
SEO Crawler WordPress themeDownload


blog post examples pdf

Blogging is an important medium for individuals and businesses in today’s digital age. It’s not enough to just have a blog – you need to create valuable and engaging content that can grab the attention of your readers. We have discussed in detail the key elements of creating successful blog posts that will resonate with your audience and help drive traffic to your website.
Download the PDF file from the below link.



We have discussed in detail the important points on how to write a content that will be SEO friendly. It also provides important WordPress site elements that will help your website rank in Google.



1. How do I start content writing?

  • Identify your niche: Choose the topic or topics you wish to concentrate on.
  • Develop your writing abilities: The foundation of content writing is excellent writing.
  • Do some research on your subjects: Research is essential to producing quality material.
  • Create a distinctive voice: Develop a unique writing voice and style.

2. How do I become a certified content writer?

You can take offline or online courses to write good quality content. In this course you will learn the basics of content writing and how to write impactful content.

3. What is SEO friendly images?

An plugin called SEO Friendly Image renames a product image to the complete product name, adding additional informative text to the image. Image name DSC100001.jpg is automatically changed to your-product-name.jpg, which is optimized for search engines.

4. How To Write SEO Content

A collection of strategies called search engine optimization (SEO) are intended to drive more people to your website. Stated differently, it’s the process of improving your website’s content so that it appears higher on search engine result pages.

5. How do I get good SEO on WordPress?

  • Check Your WordPress Visibility Settings.
  •  Update Your Permalinks
  • Optimize Your Images
  • Use SSL
  • Internally Link Your Site
  • Use Tags and Categories
  • Choose an SEO Plugin
  • Use XML Sitemaps


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