255 Most Expensive High CPC Keywords 2024

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Today we will discuss the Most Expensive High CPC Keywords 2024. High CPC keywords are important in maximizing revenue on YouTube and other social media websites.

So if you want to earn more, you should pay special attention to high CPC keywords.

Understanding How CPC Affects Revenue

CPC measures the cost that internet advertisers must pay for each click on their advertisement.

Based on the keywords they provide for their content writers, advertisers pay CPC rates.

Ad income is directly impacted by CPC rate


Factors Influencing CPC Rates

The CPC rates for particular keywords are influenced by several factors.

The amount of money advertisers are prepared to pay for clicks is influenced by some factors, including the degree of market competition, the relevancy of terms to advertisers, and the typical bid amounts for certain keywords.


Tools for Finding High CPC Keywords

For their website, content producers can use various tools to find high CPC keywords.

Google Keyword Planner, Ahrefs, and SEMrush are sites you can check for high CPC keywords. They provide the most profitable keywords.

It is difficult to choose the right most expensive keywords because the data changes daily in Google. We provided some of the most expensive keywords for the general industry.

$1,000 CPC keywords

We will discuss $1,000 CPC keywords at the end of this post. If you work with these keywords you can earn a good income. If you are a small business owner, a newbie marketer, or an experienced digital advertising professional, you must select these $1,000 CPC keywords.



Legal High CPC Keywords

Below we provide some of the highest CPC in the legal industry that outperform the competition. It has a high ticket service cost. Also, other related keywords are given which are very important.


offshore accident lawyer$815.00
best motorcycle accident lawyer$770.00
18 wheeler accident lawyer san antonio$670.00
scranton personal injury lawyer$560.00
truck accident attorney dallas$515.00
houston trucking accident attorney$500.00
mesothelioma attorney assistance$490.00
new york construction accident lawyer$485.00
maritime lawyer new orleans$485.00
california auto accident laywer$475.00
auto accident attorney california$465.00
auto accident attorney colorado springs$460.00
car accident lawyer jacksonville$430.00
truck accident lawyer dallas$425.00



Medical High CPC Keywords

Medical keywords that have high CPC are given below. These keywords have high CPC so you can use them.

hospital alcohol detox$65.00
dermatological problem$65.00
fort lauderdale hospital detox$65.00
transporter hospital$60.00
children’s hospital emergency room near me$60.00
kensington hospital detox$60.00
urgent care jasper tx$55.00
childrens oakland hospital$55.00
weight loss surgery dallas tx$55.00
urgent care snider plaza$50.00
dallas bariatric$45.00
endocrine weight loss$45.00
urgent care 77041$45.00
urgent care electronic medical records$40.00


Marketing & Advertising:

Marketing & Advertising High CPC Keywords

CPC for marketing ads are relatively inexpensive. But this industry is also often seen as likely to value Google ads. Therefore, high CPC keywords can be used in marketing ads.

call tracking marketing$125.00
marketing your law firm$120.00
seo and social media marketing services$115.00
affiliate marketing software free$110.00
law firm marketing los angeles$100.00
marketing automation for agencies$100.00
what does cpm stand for in advertising$95.00
3 p of marketing$95.00
marketing cloud software$90.00
ppc advertising management$80.00
marketing integration$80.00
email marketing automation software$80.00
what does ppc stand for in marketing$75.00
best marketing quotes$75.00


Business Software:

Business Software High CPC Keywords

You will not get high CPC keywords just by providing keywords with software. So we gave the keyword of “business software” to grow your business.

top 10 help desk software$95.00
help desk software for small business$90.00
small business call center software$85.00
accounting online program$70.00
best online accounting program$60.00
business performance management software$60.00
employee management software for small business$60.00
email marketing software for small business$55.00
best medical billing software for home based business$55.00
marketing automation software for small business$55.00
best crm software for small business$55.00
crm software for small business$55.00
best hr software for small business$50.00
small business marketing software$50.00


Real Estate:

Real Estate High CPC Keywords

Most of us know that all keywords related to “real estate agent” and “realtor” are high CPC keywords. So these related important keywords are given.

sell my house fast phoenix$70.00
sell my house fast austin$65.00
sell my house fast san diego$65.00
selling a house as is by owner$60.00
teacher home buying programs texas$60.00
sell my house fast orlando$60.00
quickly sell house$55.00
we buy houses fast for cash$55.00
will my house sell$55.00
sell house cash$55.00
buy house cash or mortgage$50.00
sell house fast for cash$50.00
buy my home for cash$50.00
worst month to sell a house$60.00


Home Improvement Services:

Home Improvement Services High CPC Keywords

The home improvement industry is a big one. Therefore, I provided the high CPC keywords of important topics such as flood, air conditioning repair, water damage restoration etc.

emergency flood repair$265.00
flood restoration san diego$210.00
air conditioning repair weatherford tx$210.00
best ac repair phoenix$185.00
air conditioning repair boca raton$150.00
water damage restoration portland oregon$145.00
water damage restoration los angeles$145.00
air conditioning repair phoenix$140.00
air conditioning repair mesa az$135.00
air conditioning repair simi valley$125.00
air conditioning repair plano tx$120.00
water damage restoration mesa az$120.00
water damage restoration dallas$120.00
water damage restoration vancouver wa$115.00



Automotive High CPC Keywords

In this section, we are going to choose keywords related to “dent removal”, “auto body,” and “auto repair”. We hope advertisers in this category look to higher ticket items for their advertising dollars.

paintless dent repair denver colorado$45.00
abs unlimited auto repair$45.00
paintless dent repair mn$40.00
denver auto hail repair$35.00
change oil light$35.00
automotive repair lubbock tx$30.00
auto repair shops stockton ca$30.00
paintless dent repair colorado springs$25.00
auto ac repair las vegas$25.00
auto repair shops omaha ne$25.00
auto repair shop mesa az$25.00
aftermarket automotive warranty$25.00
dent repair colorado springs$25.00
paintless dent repair denver$25.00



Insurance High CPC Keywords

Most dominate the car insurance and insurance industry. Below are the highest CPC keywords in this category.

oklahoma auto insurance quotes$210.00
insurance companies okc$185.00
cheapest auto insurance reddit$170.00
insurance strategy$160.00
texas auto insurance quotes online$155.00
preferred auto insurance companies$150.00
what is insurance deductible$140.00
what is premiums in insurance$135.00
fort myers auto insurance$130.00
auto insurance connecticut$125.00
definition collision insurance$125.00
hail damage car insurance claim$120.00
car accident other driver has no insurance$120.00
define insurance brokers$120.00


Loans & Finance:

Loans & Finance High CPC Keywords

Loans & Finance has many high CPC keywords. Among these are loans, banking, credit, and mortgages. Common themes among high-CPC keywords included debt relief or debt acquisition.

va loan multi family$190.00
tax credit for college students$135.00
va loan after chapter 7$130.00
how to get preapproved for a va home loan$125.00
structured settlement loan$105.00
national guard va home loan$95.00
cost to refinance home loan$95.00
how long does a credit card balance transfer take$90.00
va home loan specialist$85.00
will refinancing hurt my credit$85.00
maximum fha loan amount$85.00
does opening a checking account affect credit$80.00
fha loan foreclosure waiting period$80.00
tax debt relief program$75.00



Education High CPC Keywords

Online education has high-CPC keywords. However, high CPC keywords are less prominent in online education courses, certifications, training, etc. Below are the keywords that provide high CPC costs in this category.

online accredited psychology degree$135.00
online degree in educational psychology$135.00
online business degree florida$135.00
online university college$125.00
online psychology bachelor’s degree$125.00
online college business degree$125.00
fastest criminal justice degree online$125.00
online masters degree in business administration$125.00
parapsychology degree online$125.00
online degree criminal justice$120.00
online school for business degree$120.00
online masters degree programs in healthcare administration$120.00
masters degree in human resources online$120.00
public administration masters degree online$115.00


$1000 CPC keywords

Below is the $1000 CPC keywords List so that you can easily create content on these keywords and generate higher prices and revenue than others.

Mesothelioma attorney specialized$1000150
Best structured settlement annuity companies$1000180
Purchase structured settlements$1000210
Offshore accident lawyer premium$100090
High-end luxury private jet charter$1000300
Top tier business liability insurance providers$1000250
Executive rehabilitation center luxury$100080
Premium wrongful death attorney$1000160
Best commercial truck accident lawyer$1000200
Luxury private rehab for celebrities$100070
Elite spinal cord injury lawyers$1000190
Structured settlement funding companies elite$1000220
High-end yacht charter brokers$1000240
Premium business class flights deals$1000260
Top-tier corporate video conferencing solutions$1000280
Luxury executive rehab facilities$1000100
High-end mesothelioma law firms$1000130
Premium business continuity consultancy$1000110
Elite private jet charter hourly rates$1000230
Top-tier corporate event management companies$1000290
Private luxury drug rehabilitation centers$1000120
Premium executive health screening packages$1000140
Elite personal injury lawyer for CEOs$1000170
High-end luxury car insurance providers$1000270
Elite business intelligence software solutions$1000310
Premium data center disaster recovery services$1000320
Top-tier commercial property insurance brokers$1000330
Elite private banking services$1000340
Premium enterprise cybersecurity solutions$1000350
High-end business credit line providers$1000360
Elite rare art insurance specialists$1000370
Premium corporate private security firms$1000380
Top-tier luxury hotel chains for CEOs$1000390
Elite business event catering services$1000400
Premium commercial helicopter leasing$1000410
High-end executive talent recruitment firms$1000420
Elite private luxury car auction houses$1000430
Premium corporate luxury retreat booking$1000440
High-end luxury brand consulting$1000450
Elite luxury brand digital transformation consulting$1000460
Premium luxury goods logistics and shipping$1000470
Top-tier luxury product placement agencies$1000480
Elite luxury property investment consultancy$1000490
Premium luxury brand e-commerce platforms$1000500
High-end luxury yacht refitting services$1000510
Elite luxury brand influencer collaboration agencies$1000520
Premium luxury brand SEO consultancy$1000530
Top-tier corporate luxury retreat planners$1000540
Elite luxury brand celebrity endorsement brokers$1000550
Premium luxury brand video production houses$1000560
High-end luxury brand IP and patent lawyers$1000570
Elite luxury brand international expansion consulting$1000580
Premium luxury brand crisis management consultants$1000590
Top-tier luxury brand international tax specialists$1000600
Elite private luxury car showrooms$1000610
Premium luxury brand digital marketing agencies$1000620
High-end luxury brand e-commerce optimization$1000630
Elite luxury brand licensing specialists$1000640
Premium luxury brand digital advertising platforms$1000650
AI-driven e-commerce mobile app development$1000660
Online master’s in satellite engineering$1000670
E-commerce customer feedback tools$1000680
Digital marketing for photographers$1000690
IoT in residential security$1000700


Some high CPC keywords are provided below for your convenience.

Conference Call$23
Cord Blood$27


Also here are the highest CPC keywords in the US

  • Addiction Treatment
  • All-Inclusive Vacations
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Big Data
  • Business Coaching
  • Business Intelligence
  • Business Travel
  • Car Accident Lawyer
  • Car Insurance
  • Cloud Computing
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Credit Repair
  • Cruise Deals
  • DUI Attorney
  • Hair Transplant
  • Health Insurance
  • HR Consulting
  • Invisalign
  • Luxury Real Estate
  • Luxury Travel
  • Marketing Services
  • Mesothelioma Lawyer
  • Mortgage Refinance
  • Online Architecture Degree
  • Online Business Degree
  • Online College
  • Online Degree Programs
  • Online Dental Degree
  • Online Law Degree
  • Online Master’s Degree
  • Online MBA
  • Online Medical Degree
  • Online Nursing Degree
  • Online Pharmacy Degree
  • Online PhD
  • Payday Loans
  • Personal Injury Lawyer
  • Plastic Surgery
  • Property Management
  • Residential Real Estate
  • Social Security Disability
  • Stock Trading
  • Structured Settlement
  • Student Loan Consolidation
  • Tax Attorney
  • Term Life Insurance
  • Virtual Reality
  • Whole Life Insurance
  • Workers Compensation Lawyer







unlock iphone74,000$4.4871
hotmail sign in673,000$1.1783
i hotmail sign in673,000$0.9635
windows live sign in2,900$2.1884
mail of outlook3.4m$1.2176
outlook 3651.2m$3.6885
outlook log in1.2m$0.9382
hotmail sign in with outlook673,000$1.1681
motley fool74,000$3.5860
motley fool inc74,000$3.6271



zero interest credit cards9,900$34.0773
best zero interest credit cards18,100$28.8675
zero interest credit cards with balance transfer8,100$31.5074
balance transfer zero interest credit cards6,600$35.9273
best zero interest credit cards balance transfer6,600$35.6774
zero interest credit cards for 24 months1,900$32.6172
zero interest credit cards 18 months1,900$34.3972
12 months zero interest credit cards1,600$32.1671
zero interest credit cards offers1,300$41.8171


Strategies for Incorporating High CPC Keywords

High CPC keywords must be carefully planned for and optimized using optimization strategies. To optimize revenue potential, content writers might experiment with natural keyword integration, on-page SEO, and long-tail keywords.

Case Studies of Successful Implementation

Many websites have used CPC ads to make substantial money by strategically using high CPC keywords.

These keywords are specially tested which provide important information to increase the income.

Tips for Maximizing Revenue with High CPC Keywords

Content producers should regularly review and update their keyword lists, measure performance using tools like Google Analytics, and try out various keyword combinations to determine the most lucrative ones to optimize revenue with high CPC keywords.

Common Pitfalls to Avoid When Using High CPC Keywords

When using high CPC keywords in their material, content authors should steer clear of a few typical traps. CPC success might be hampered by keyword stuffing, disregarding user intent, and concentrating just on keyword volume without considering relevance.

Future Trends in High CPC Keywords

The environment for high-cost-per-click (CPC) keywords is dynamic due to consumer behavior and technology changes.

Mobile-friendly content is especially important in increasing revenue from CPC ads.

Apart from this, the importance of voice search optimization should also be looked at.


In conclusion, special emphasis should be placed on using high CPC keywords to increase revenue from content.

High CPC keywords should be chosen while writing content to increase income. Techniques must be used to select high CPC keywords.

As a result, success can be achieved in a very short time.

You can use the following keywords to get high CPC keywords.

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1.      What are high CPC keywords?

High CPC keywords can significantly impact the success of your campaigns and your overall marketing strategy.

2.      How do I find high CPC keywords for my website?

You can use research tools for finding high CPC keywords

  • Google Keyword Planner
  • SEMrush
  • Ahrefs
  • KeywordTool.io
  • Moz Keyword Explorer

3.      Can using high CPC keywords improve my revenue?

High CPC keywords can bring in more revenue through ad clicks. Targeting specific keywords can attract a niche audience.  Higher CPC indicates higher competition, but also higher potential earnings

4.      What are the common pitfalls to avoid when using high CPC keywords?

One common mistake is focusing solely on high CPC keywords without considering their relevance to your content or target audience.

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